Director’s Message

Welcome to the Churchill County Library!

Welcome to the Churchill County Library!

A library has books, movies, music, activities, and so much more! However, a library is really about people.  It is the people who work here, the people who use the library, and the people who spend their time in our warm and welcoming environment who make it special.  We’re glad you’re here. Libraries are the places that we visit as children and return to again as adults to read, learn, and discover.

I believe it is important for the Churchill County community to know what resources are available to them through their library. I would love it if I never again heard the words, “I didn’t know the library DID that!” or “I didn’t know the library HAD that!” Rather, when you have a need, I want you to think of the library first!

I am passionate about libraries and hope that the Churchill County Library opens up a whole new world for you to explore. I believe that libraries change lives for the better and I want everyone who walks through our doors to find or learn something new to make that change.

Please feel free to stop by and meet me. I’d love to get to know you and hear your input about the future of the Churchill County Library and our services. Check us out!

C. L. Quillen, Library Director

June 2023